Amasra is one of the most beautiful towns along the Black Sea coast positioned on a peninsula split by two inlets. The site was first settled in the 12th century B.C. and named after the Persian Princess Amastris.

Amasra gets only a moderate number of summer visitors which is keeping the city pleasant and relatively undeveloped. The beach in the city center is one of the rare possible-to-swim beaches in the Black Sea. The ruins of ancient Amasra Castle have a nice combination with the contemporary buildings. While you are walking through the city, you will see this combination.

This cozy holiday district also has two islands, one of which is rowing distance in a small boat called as Rabbit Island, while the other is connected to the mainland with a Roman bridge. The connected island offers a very nice view of the city and the Rabbit Island.

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Remnants of Amasra’s long and interesting history are displayed in the Amasra Museum. You can purchase hand-carved wood souvenirs on Cekiciler Street. There is also a mosque called as Fatih Mosque which was a former church to visit.

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