Ishakpasa Palace

Ishakpasha Palace, located about 5km from Dogubeyazit town, is one of the most amazing buildings in Turkey. The construction of the palace has started in 1685 and finished in 1784.

The palace is a unique example in Turkey as it combines the architectural features of Seljuk, Georgian, Persian and Ottoman Empires. The first entrance gate is one of the best-ornamented portal gates in the world with designs of stylized flowers. The first courtyard after this gate was opened to the merchants and guests. The second gate, which is as impressive as the first one, takes you to the second courtyard where only special guests and family members were allowed. There is the Selamlik section where men get together and Haremlik section, which was only for the ladies.

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The most amazing section in the second courtyard is the dining room where you can see the great stonework of Seljuk, Armenian floral-relief decoration, ornated column capitals showing Georgian influence, and both black and white stone incorporated.

The other parts in the palace are The Hammam, The Tomb with Sarcophagi, The Dungeons, Guest rooms and library.

The stonework in this palace is considered as the highest level in architecture and thus the palace is in the Tentative List of UNESCO since 2000.

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