Erzurum is located in the eastern part of Turkey with a population of 0.5 million and it has an altitude of 2000 meters which makes it one of the highest cities in Turkey. Even though, lots of people prefer going there for skiing, as there is a very nice ski resort, there are many historical places to visit as well.

The city has a very long history background over 4000 years and hosted many different civilizations respectively as Urartians, Kimers, Scythians, Meds, Persians, Parts, Romans, Byzantines, Sasans, Arabs, Seljuks, Mongolians, Ilkhanids and Safas.

The biggest improvement in Erzurum started with Seljuk Empire in 12th century. The city centre is like a open air museum with a lot of historical sites such as Erzurum Castle, Double Minaret Medrese, Yakutiye Medresesi or 3 Tombs.

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The most important and beautiful building in Erzurum is The Double Minaret Medrese. The medrese, theological school, is dating back to 13th century and it has amazing portal gate that shows the power of the empire. Yakutiye Medrese was built by Ilkhanids in 14th century and served as a school in Ottoman period.

Erzurum Castle, probably built in 5th century, is located in the center of the city as well and the clock tower in the castle offers a great view of this beautiful city.

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