Pasabag Valley – Fairy Chimneys

Pasabag Valley which was formerly known as “The Monks Valley” is located on the right of the Goreme-Avanos road. This area which is full of peculiar fairy chimneys looks remarkable. Some of the multi-bodied and multi-headed fairy chimneys were carved to construct chapels and sitting areas. In one of the three-headed fairy chimneys, a chapel and a seclusion room dedicated to St. Simeon was carved. Entrance of the stylite which is accessible with a narrow chimney is decorated with crucifixes. There are oven, sitting and sleeping quarters and window apertures to ensure light transmission in this fairy chimney.

The fairy chimneys in Pasabag are the most popular ones in Cappadocia region and is the only examples in a massive number in the world. We are using the pictures of Pasabag Valley in the advertisement of Turkey all around the world as well.

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Pasabag Fairy Chimneys are located between Cavusin and Avanos towns and there are local buses on every hour from Goreme that takes you until the junction. Then, you will need to walk about 20 minutes to get to the fairy chimneys. It is recommended to go there before it gets too hot as the rock formations reflect the sunshine in the afternoon. The best time to go there infact is the sunset time.

If you have a car you can use the following GPS coordinates: 38°40’40.9″N 34°51’18.3″E.