Standard Flight

Standard flights range between 150 Euro up to 175 Euro per person, and the number of passengers in one basket ranges from 8 up to 36 people in these flights. The flights last 45 minutes to 1 hour for standard flights. As prices for such flights get lower, the number of passengers per basket will get higher. Although the basket size is important for a pleasant flight, it is not the only aspect that effects the pricing for a balloon flight; the pilot operating the flight also effects the flight cost as better and more experienced pilots do get paid more compared to new and inexperienced pilots. Also the equipment used in balloon flights affect the pricing of this activity as companies which renew and use most up-to-date ballooning equipment will have more overhead costs to cover, and the entire flight experience is really determined by combination of all these factors. We recommend flights with companies who take all these factors seriosly and professionally.

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Our Recommended Balloon Companies

Turkiye Balloons

Founded in 2013 in Goreme, Turkiye Balloons has been formed by four of the best chief pilots in the region. The pilots are multi-lingual; not only experts in the region but also pilot instructors. The pilots will fly you over Cappadocia in the latest Lindstrand Balloons (made in England) to provide you with wonderful memories to last you a lifetime. The pilots, serving in all stages of hot air ballooning from ground crew to the pilot degree in Cappadocia, Turkey since 2005, consist of qualified, talented and experienced instructor pilots. Each pilot has at least 1500 hours of flight experience, and they can speak English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Italian well enough to communicate. Turkiye Balloons fly time is the same as Royal and Butterfly explained below between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 min, and their price is 175 Euro per person. If you book through our agency, the rate will be 160 Euro per person on credit card payment and 150 Euro per person with cash payment.

Please send us an email to get detailed information and make your bookingWe will reply in less than 24 hours.

Royal Balloons

Royal Balloons offer to our guests standard flights with a capacity of 16-20 passenger baskets. The details are same as described above under standard balloon flights, and they have a professional team operating these flights. Each pilot has at least 1500 hours of flight experience and are instructor pilots. Royal Balloons flight time is 1 hour to 1hour 15 minutes, By booking through us, you would get this flight for 175 Euro per person with cash or by credit card.

Since Royal Balloons are highly recommended by Lonely Planet and other major travel planners like Tripadvisor, we recommend early booking as they are usually booked up during high season (April to October).

Please send us an email to get detailed information and make your bookingWe will reply in less than 24 hours.

Butterfly Balloons

Butterfly Balloons’ baskets are for 12 or 16 people so everybody gets an edge on the basket, the other companies have baskets up to 36 people and it is not as pleasant. Butterfly Balloons fly time is 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, while the other companies fly 45 minutes to 1 hour.You should let us know early if you want to join the flight with Butterfly Balloons because they are very popular and they get booked up quick as they are recommended highly by travel guides such as the Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor and Rick Steves. The rate for the balloon ride with them will be 175 Euro per person on credit card payment and 165 Euro per person with cash payment. The rate includes transfer to / from your hotel, 1 hour flight, light breakfast, commemorative flight certifacate and champagne celebration.

Please send us an email to get detailed information and make your bookingWe will reply in less than 24 hours.


How safe is a balloon? Hot air ballooning is considered as one of the safest forms of flying. It is much safer than flying with a plane.

How high do balloons fly? We will fly quite low for a while to show you the rock formations from touching level and also fly around 2000 feet to taste the feeling of being a bird around the entire Cappadocia. You will be able to see more than 80-90 km (40-50 miles) in diameter in a sunny day with the balloon.

Why do we fly in the early morning? We prefer to fly during the first hours after the sunrise because it is the calmest, coolest part of the day. This makes things easier for soft landings and maximum lifting capacity of the balloon. In addition, there is the splendor of a beautiful sunrise.

What do I wear and bring? You should wear jeans or casual trousers and flat heeled shoes in summer. You should definitely wear some warm clothing in winter time. Although we usually land close to a road, you may be walking through fields. It is no colder in the balloon than on the ground, yet you may wish to bring a light jacket. Layered clothing will be the best as sometimes the weather might be different in the air than the ground. It is a must to bring your camera fully charged as you will take many lovely pictures of incredible Cappadocia.

Where do we go? We change our take-off site everyday according to wind speed and direction so that you can see the best valleys of Cappadocia. The sky is layered with air currents, so the pilot heats the air inside the balloon with the burner to rise into currents with different directions.

Where do we land? We land at different locations every day as everything is depending on the weather. Your pilot will begin the gentle descent when he finds an appropriate landing site where we are met by our experienced ground crew who are following us all the time on the ground.

Do you have Insurance? Yes. All passengers are insured up to 1,000,000 EURO.

Can we fly with our children? Children between 7-12 years old can fly with a responsible adult. However, we are not able to fly children under 7 years.

When do you cancel the flight? When the wind is faster than 10 miles per hour, during heavy rain or snow or in a very foggy day, the flight will be canceled. You will receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.

Can pregnant women fly? Unfortunately, we are not able to fly with pregnant women incase of a bumpy landing even though it occasionally happens.

Do we see sunrise from the balloon? We usually take-off with the sunrise and fly during the Golden Hour for photography. Sometimes, we might have to take-off later due to weather conditions.