Bosporus Dinner Cruise

A Dinner Cruise that presents you the beauty and history of the Bosporus. You will meet Ottoman lovers proud swashbucklers, the bride henna ceremony. Romany girls, a funny show Aşuk Maşuk, the belly dancer , as beautiful as the Bosporus. You will feel and live the civilizations of the Bosporus.!

We will pick you up from your hotel between 19:15 and 19:45 depending on your hotel’s location and drive to our private boat. The cruise will start with a welcome cocktail and then start the cruise through the best parts of the Bosporus. You will see both Europe and Asia continents, Ottoman palaces, lovely and modern waterside mansions and Bosporus Bridge which is one of the symbols of Istanbul. While you are cruising, you will also watch live performances of the best Turkish dances from different parts of Turkey. The show will include Uskudara Gideriken (A traditional Turkish musical performance), Asuk Masuk (A play of dwarfs , performed by 2 male dancers), Belly Dancer as beautiful as Istanbul, Henna Ceremony (Bride ceremony before the wedding), Folk Dance Team to represent dances from different part of Turkey and finallyTurkish Romany Dance from Thrace region of Turkey. We will then drive you back to your hotel around midnight with lots of good memories.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”44″ display=”basic_slideshow”]THE DINNER MENU WILL BE AS:


Saksuka (Eggplant, tomato, olive oil, garlic and yogurt),
Pilaki (Red Beans with lemon, olive oil, carrot, onion),
Haydari (Turkish yogurt dip with garlic and herbs),
Ezme (Spicy tomato salsa),
Kisir (Bulgur salad with parsley and tomato paste),
Havuc Tarator (Carrot paste with yogurt, garlic and olive oil),
Russian Salad (Potatoes, carrot, sweet peas, pickles, mayonnaise)
Seasonal Salad


Grilled Chicken or Fish (Sea bass or Seabream)

Vegeterian Option is available


Baklava, Kadayif or Fruits

Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Fruit Juices

Turkish Raki, Beer, Vodka, Wine
Turkish Coffee


7 – 12 Years
70 Euro per person
35 Euro per person

It is also possible to arrange private dinner cruises for the groups between 30 – 300 people. Please do not hesitate to send us an email through [email protected] to get further information and finalize your booking.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions or special requests and we will reply your request the latest in 24 hours.